A New Type of Birthday Greeting Cards

Long after society bade them adieu, greeting cards get a second look
Rosh Hashanah cards, those annual holiday greetings sent each September to friends and family, are pretty much obsolete. But until recently, sending greeting cards were as elemental to Rosh Hashanah preparations as hearing the call of the shofar or eating honey cake
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Has the Internet Finally Killed the Greeting Card?
Kiids these days. They’d rather send ecards than buy a good, old-fashioned greeting card, write a meaningful note, slap on a stamp and send it via snail mail. In fact, one of the most popular online card sites, someecards, is ranked among the top 200 websites in the world by Quantcast. But all of those virtual messages might just be killing the greeting card business, reports NPR’s Frank Morris — a trend that’s causing companies like Hallmark to get nervous indeed.
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To Survive, The Greeting Card Industry Will Have To Get Creative
The greeting card industry is struggling to stay relevant in the digital age. Hallmark has announced that it's closing its distribution center in Enfield, Conn., and cutting 570 jobs there, as it consolidates operations elsewhere. For decades, the greeting card maker held a reputation as the type of company where good employees had a job for life.
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Maximize the Impact of Your Business Greeting Cards With These 4 Tips
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Ho, ho, ho -- wait, another greeting card?
Those who know me well know I have a disdain for greeting cards. The preordained notion that we must send greeting cards to everyone during every holiday season or birthday has sanitized the entire gesture and, in my opinion, the joy of giving and receiving them.
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Hallmark's new eCard mobile app hopes to target 'soulless' interactions
Hallmark, one of the world's oldest and best-known greeting card companies, launched its first Hallmark eCard app for the iPhone and iPad on Thursday.

The new app, which will eventually make it to Android devices, isn't just about ecards. It's part of a broader mission within the Hallmark eCard division to help users connect more deeply through mobile devices and social networks than they do today, said Dan Kessler, general manager of Hallmark eCards.
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